Kingsford Waterbay: The Real Estate of Heavens

Real estate is a fixed or immovable property that consists of land, natural resources (flora and fauna) and buildings which may be for business or residential purposes. It may be sold directly by the owner or via a retailer.
To meet the needs of the growing population, many real estates are being established but, only a few provide the quality, luxury and satisfaction that they promise.

Reasons to Purchase Kingsford Waterbay

In the list of names of many Real estates around the world, only a few are written in shiny letters. One of them is the Kingsford Waterbay. Kingsford Waterbay price undoubtedly is one of the lowest in the business. From beautiful buildings to the intoxicating beauty of the natural resources, the only thing more satisfying than living in this beautiful condominium located at Upper Serangoon View, District 19 in Singapore. Developed by Kingsford Property Development Private Limited, it is a 99 years leasehold condominium. Kingsford Development is a well-developed property firm within China and Hong Kong and is branded for its quality and reliability.

With astounding facilities that range from a 50 meter swimming pool, a gym, a tennis court to a function room and many others that are still in development, this real estate located only a few minutes of drive far from the Hougang MRT Station is certainly a wonderful place to live for those who seek the ultimate luxury. With flats ranging from the ones with 1 bedroom to ones with 5 bedrooms, you certainly make your choice.

Kingsford Waterbay is planned just perfectly so that you have one of the best experiences if not the best. And the site planning of this beauty can be found here.

It is divided into 6 zones on the basis of the facilities and neither one can be called less facilitated than the other. If you want to live your life to the fullest, Kingsford Waterbay is where you should be living.

The pricing for all these facilities couldn’t be any better. Kingsford Waterbay is certainly an affordable choice, the pricing for the various available options are mention in the table below:

Your Options at Kingsford Waterbay Condo

2 Bedroom678 sqft$843,000
3 Bedroom850 sqft$936,000
3 Bedroom Dual-Key958 sqft$1,116,000
4 Bedroom1033 sqft

5 Bedroom

1302 sqft

Terrace House

1625 sqft

Considering the many real estates of today, the Kingsford Waterbay is certainly a great choice and the pricing can be considered a feather in the hat! The environment that Kingsford Waterbay provides is relaxing and luxurious. From young kids to the aged adults, everyone enjoys their time here.

The Life of Michelle Severe – a Realtor’s Incredible Journey

Hello, Everyone!

Welcome to

Today, I am going to let you into my life a little.


She looks happy. Doesn’t she?

But, let me tell you. It isn’t east being a Realtor.

If you can’t accept rejections. Don’t even think about it.

If you don’t have patience. Don’t enter this field.

If you can’t live on extremely low income. Don’t pursue this field.

Hopefully, by now, I had made myself clear that I struggled to be where I am now.

So, Where am I now?

Well, I have sold over 100 houses in the last 10 years.

And, I had crossed the borders and also got my clients to invest in Private Properties throughout Singapore.


Because I want only the best for my clients.

Every realtor and even property developers know that USA’s real estate isn’t flourishing.

It is stagnant!

You don’t gain anything much in your lifetime.

So, why invest a few hundred grand on a piece of land which isn’t going to give you a return in the next decade.

Real estate is all about ROI.

And, after intensive market research, I found a very startling fact.

Singapore has the highest number of millionaires!

And, their population is only around 6 million now!

So, how did became millionaires?


They invested in Singapore real estate, they flipped it and now they are millionaires.

A simple process which requires no effort on your part.

Which is why I started bringing my clients over to seek opportunities.

Thank God! I had clients who were very open to foreign real estate investments.

If not for their willingness, I would not have been able to start bringing and showing them the vast potential opportunity like Singapore is currently presenting.

That said, I had brought over 50  clients over.

They fell in love with the country – Who Would Not!

And, they invested in Private Properties in Singapore.

Private Properties are also known as Condominiums.

But, the trick isn’t to buy any and every condominium that is being launched.

Even though Singapore is extremely small in size, Singapore also has its own regions.

You have to carefully uncover the gem out of those. And, that is where I come in.

So, that is pretty much my life journey and I am enjoying every moment of it.

Be it the struggle to close a deal.

Be it the happiness you get when you seal a deal.

It is indeed a roller-coaster ride.

And, the best part?

Having more referrals on a daily basis which means you had made a lasting impact in their lives.

I am grateful to be in this field and I will update you guys on my life milestones as I progress.

Till Then,
Michelle Severe

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